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DD15's grandma wants to buy her a leotard for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure DD has been wanting either the Larissa or Sofiane style. Any color ideas? I would ask my daughter because my kids usually have specific things they want, but their grandma wants to keep everything a secret from her this year.

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This is part of the fun of ordering a custom leotard, but I don't think you'll get it in time for Christmas. You can email the NYC boutique and ask them what color combinations they have in stock in your daughter's size in the Larissa and the Sofiane and go from there. Those are my daughters 2 favorite styles and I've emailed them that exact question and they are always quick to respond. I've also asked them what they have in black on black (due to dress codes) in a handful of styles and they've also responded very quickly.

If you are going to order custom then I'd start with her favorite color and make that the body color then have fun with an accent color.
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