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They are both extremely decorative and capture the whole feeling of the wedding. The white icing and added accents really add to the plush look and realism of these paper wine box items. Ideal for every event, like the rehearsal dinner, reception or the ceremony itself, there is always a use for them. Order one or two today, it will be used during and after your event.

You can make your party or occasion more special with beautifully designed cupcake boxes. Giving away cupcakes as a souvenir for your event is made easier with these boxes specially designed to hold cupcakes in place. Cupcakes are now becoming famous when it comes to party favors because why not let your guest remember your event in a "sweet" manner?

wholesale perfume boxes are available at bakery store supplies. Most of them come in square cardboard boxes or acetate dome containers. They are available in different colors - red, pink, yellow, orange, peach, blue, green, etc. There are also printed boxes that come in fun patterns like stars, bears, hearts, clouds, and polka dots.

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