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I have homeschooled my DD7 and DS9 since DS finished Kindergarten but not because of dance.  This coming up year we are joining a public school but they will do all of their work at home and just check in with the teacher weekly.  It will be very different for us having to be accountable to a school but we got to pick their classes and the school pays for all of their materials, some extra curricular activities and fields (we are going to get to go see Hamilton).  While we do not homeschool because of dance there is no way that they would be taking as many classes as they are if they were in public school.  They need time to be kids and homeschooling allows them to have that time and still take the classes they want to take.

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Originally Posted by dancermom128
Yes and if we had done that in this situation this person would continue to be using another child's picture. Sorry that's not ok with me. And not for most of us. I'll take my chances. Like I said 99% of the time here where there's smoke there's fire. I hate to say but we're usually right. Especially since most of the time it's the exact same MO.

I never disagreed with the end result but I do disagree with the approach.  You all hijack an innocents person's thread with nastiness.  If for you, the end justifies the means then fine.  I'm just glad I don't have to deal with you in real life.

This board is barely breathing now and at the rate the vigilantes are going once the long standing member's children graduate from high school and go on to other things, there will be nothing left.
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