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Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition.  Anyone familiar?  Dd's already taking pieces to yagp... figure why not get a little more stage time with them.  If it's worth the trip.

Any info is appreciated.


eta:  also the one in St Petersburg, Florida... American Dance Competition?  We have friends who are going to that and are trying to persuade us to go down and split a room with them.  Her old ballet studio went that first year she was there but I didn't ask many questions at the time since she wasn't going.  I get a sense that it's probably a better experience than VKIBC but the airfare doesn't thrill me. 


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A couple of our studio's dancers went to the Florida one last year. They liked it so much that many more from our studio will be attending. The biggest selling point is that you have to be a well-rounded dancer, both in and out of class, not just a master of routines, if that makes sense.


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Going to the Florida one. We are intrigued about the class scores being a part of the competition. My dd is stronger in class than in her variations in my opinion.
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