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Has anyone ordered from T-wear recently? I placed an order for the first time on 11/9 and it's now 11/20. I received an email after the order was placed saying that my order is confirmed and I will get notification when it ships (standard stuff). A few days ago I sent an email inquiring about the status of my order. No response. Today I called the phone number on their website and got a "your call cannot go through as dialed" message. I looked at their facebook page, and there have been no posts since July. I'm getting a bad feeling that they've gone out of business and took my money anyway.

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Oh no!!! I haven't ordered since 2015 but T-wear used to make cool dancewears. My DD12 wore a lot of theirs 2013-15. I saw quite a few wearing their leotards at conventions 16-17 season.

Hope you get your stuff. If not, I'm sure you can call your credit card and file a claim.
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