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Some might recall my post from a couple months ago about doing ds17s grad party open house on the same weekend as dd13s dance recital. Well, that was this weekend. They came, dd danced, we conquered. Lol!

Ds17s grad party was Friday evening. We had a perfect weather day, the food was delicious, we had a crowd of 80 and a wonderful time was had by all. My son was very touched by everyone's support. He's off to 4 parties today and spending the night at his good friends.

Dd13s recital was today. Two shows and we got home about an hour ago, so I'm unwinding with some online time [smile].

Sigh, my girlie is growing up. I literally hung her costumes in the dressing room and off she went. I didn't do one lick of hair, makeup, packing the costumes. 7 dances and I hardly lifted a finger. "Mooom, we girls just help each other. We like it that way." She's an old pro now I guess.

I know I'm biased, but dd danced beautifully. There was just a difference, a maturity that i havent noticed before. She was sharp, steady, in a great mood. By far my favorite dance was, again, her lyrical. Moody, different, told the story. She had a solo part, 5 seconds into a triple pirouette, and she nailed it. She was thrilled.

So, tomorrow we give dad some much needed attention on his day, Monday I rest and Tuesday starts summer dance classes. An ambitious weekend, but I'm ready to enjoy summer. [smile]

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Kudos to you for enjoying a successful weekend with your family!  Sometimes the build up makes us think it's going to be a crazy, hectic mess, then it all works out just fine.

My dd13 did recital at her other studio yesterday.  I had to work, so she did her own makeup, hair, prep . . . then DH dropped her off at the high school at noon, and she was on her own.  I got there in time for the 6 p.m. show and she was gorgeous in her 2 numbers.  It's a little bittersweet, isn't it?

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I'm glad everything went well!

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So glad it went according to plan!!
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