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Hello! Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good inexpensive lighted tabletop mirror so I can apply my tiny dancer's makeup at home? I just purchased a con air that I will return as it has options for home, night, office, they just don't seem bright enough. Or do you have an idea of which setting would work.
Thanks in advance!

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I bought one from Ulta for my daughter.  The brand is Jerdon.  It has a power cord and runs off of batteries too so you can take it to competitions.  It was only in the $30 price range.  She has not complained about it and has been using it for over a year.

Edited to add:  I just asked her about using it with batteries and she said that it isn't very bright that way.  She either brings the cord or just uses it as a mirror.  I'm guessing the better the batteries, the better the light output.
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