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My 6 year old competed at nationals over the weekend with Midwest Starz. We did our regionals in my hometown back in February. At regionals, the standout dancers were presented with a certificate and recognized on stage.
At nationals, the program listed all of the standout dancers. To my surprise, my daughter was listed. However, at regionals she received no certificate nor recognized on stage. Apparently, the studio is not informed of who is a standout dancer, so our SO and DT had no idea. I sent an email and am awaiting response, but has this ever happened to anyone else? Luckily, my daughter has no idea, but it would've been nice for her to participate in the standout dancer rehearsal and routine. In my email, I requested her certificate and that they consider allowing her to participate next year since she missed out this year. Does this sound like a reasonable request?

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So there is a dance team that rehearses and does a performance at nationals?  I would certainly contact them and ask - what could that hurt?  Maybe even the studio would do it for you?  They may say no, but it's worth a try if you feel that you are also going to do regionals and nationals next year with Midwest Starz.  Not usually the performance team invitations, but other invitations can be used the next year.  Usually they are scholarships to workshops and such.  So I don't think it's unheard of.  But then again, they may say "she may be a different dancer next year, so she will have to qualify again".  Be prepared for either answer!

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My son has been a Stand Out Dancer in previous years. He received a recognition at awards at the regional. Was there an awards ceremony that you missed? We also received links to the Stand Out dancer information from our studio - choreography videos, costume and shoe requirements, rehearsal schedule. 

To be honest, it is a lot of additional rehearsals and work for a very short dance at the beginning of the Grand National Show thing. He only did the Stand Out Dancer dance once and declined for future years because the rehearsals cut into the fun time.

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They normally hand out standout dancer at the end of each award. It does cut into fun time but it should still be treated as an honor to be recognized. Our former studio had a very close working relationship because of going there for years so skipping out was frowned upon. 

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