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Trying not to take away from a great conversation going over there.

DD is not training for YAGP, never has gone, but it's not out of the question in the future. Anyone have a quick explanation for why the finals are no longer in NYC?

I always thought that was such a nice bonus to making the finals (and also though, ouch, how expensive to have to finance a NYC trip). Curious if this is a one time thing or a sign of change that will stick around?

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I do not have an answer to your questions, but I do have some thoughts.  

In the past years, the competition in NYC was held at the Skirball Center at NYU. Last year something happened where only the first few days of the competition were at the Skirball and then the last few days were moved to another location in NYC (my daughter was finished competing at that point, so I can't remember where the new location was since we never had to go there). So, I am not sure what caused YAGP to have to move locations mid-week, but I guess the Skirball wasn't available for the whole time.

So, the competition is typically held at the Skirball, but the master's classes were not located there (except for some of the scholarship classes). Master's classes were held all over the city.  My daughter has taken master's classes at three different locations in NYC.  I think that some people really don't like having to travel around the city for the various YAGP activities.

Everything is located in one place at SUNY-Purchase (except the Gala).  So, some people might really like that.  For us, a big draw was the excitement of being and performing IN the city.  So, when we found out about the new location for finals this year, our group opted not to go. I really hope that they change it back in the future.

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For me personally, I am glad they are going to be at SUNY and not in the city.  It's really hard getting around so many different places when you have to take the subway or an Uber.  I hope they keep it this way because I think it makes things so much easier and also cheaper.  Still close enough to NYC for people who want to go in for the experience.

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I think not being in the city takes away from the experience. Then why have the finals in the NY area at all? It could be held at a different college campus or a different city.

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It really could be just about anywhere, though the gala performance is at Lincoln Center and still is. That's something that is still really special. 

There are other locations in Manhattan but I don't know that any have the space needed.  If they could take over the entire Ailey Center, that might work but that's not practical with all who normally use the Ailey building (the company, second company, the Ailey-Fordham program, their open classes in all genres, their own certificate program, their normal classes for school aged dancers, etc). The MMAC theater is too small and there are not enough studios. There are other theaters scattered throughout the city that could work too, but then it's back to having master classes at various locations. 

I will miss it not being in Manhattan. I have gone just to watch a few times, met up with friends, etc. With the Suny-Purchase location, that's much less likely to happen. Just not as accessible by mass transporation nor as convenient. 

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