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Hoping you all have some good ideas!

DD 10 in in her 4th year of competition dance and is in 7 dances (2 being solos).  One is a contemporary that her DT just finished choreographing.  She is supposed to begin working on her second solo this upcoming week, but has now changed her mind on songs so we are back at square one.  DT suggested Musical Theatre since DD is animated and has lots of personality on stage.  I just knew she would love Mad Hatter from Wonderland, but not so much. Any suggestions for fun upbeat songs that aren't overused?

Also, DD loves River Deep Mountain High by Celine Dion.  While it's not exactly MT, I think it could work, but might be overused. Can you think of any similar songs that are big and over the top like River Deep? 

Thank you in advance for your help!  I know we will be spending lots of time this weekend listening to songs...

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Why not just use "River Deep Mountain High"? So what if you hear it often. If it connects with your DD and the choreographer, I say go for it.

Maybe instead of using Celine Dion's version, try a different one. Ike and Tina Turner did the original. Glee did a really good version.
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