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I have been to enough movies / shows / restaurants with insensitive parents letting their children run wild or cry in the venue that I honestly have no problem with this. If I were to pay $200 for a ticket I would be livid if a 4 year old had a normal and understandable 4 year old melt down in the middle of the the performance. Even if the parent politely excused themselves to take care of said child, it would still be a distraction while they got the 4 year old picked up and carried down the aisle.

I also think by stating the policy upfront it gives the venue a valid reason to ask a disruptive child to leave and not have to refund their ticket price.

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Agree with dirtchic and will go a step further. I was at the showcase (3 shows) for my daughter (new ballet studio for us) and I paid premium to be up front. There was a family behind me with 3 small children. The father thought it would be appropriate to allow children to open a bag of microwave popcorn (so loud and took forever) and then munch through out the show...crunch, crunch, crunch. Fighting over who got to hold the back, digging into the bag. I finally turned around and politely asked if they could stop and the father berated me for the rest of the show. This is in a very affluent area with over indulged children. I know, I was a family watching their child dance. The couple in front of me (despite the director pointedly saying recording was forbidden) held up a large i-pad to record their child. It obscured my line of site. I could tell horror stories from the years my daughter performed Nutcracker with a professional company in a gorgeous, historic theater in a major cite[smile]
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