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The advice in the Pointe article about thinking of SIs as an opportunity to experiment w/different styles, get out of your comfort zone, take a risk rather than 'playing it safe' w/a familiar program... even if you know for sure you'll experience significant growth from it... had me thinking.  Sure, if you don't mind risking 5/6+ K.  And 5/6 wks you won't get back.  Certainly a worthwhile risk for many (there is absolutely no judgement here) but not for others.  And why my own dd chooses instead to stick w/the more affordable familiar long program where she knows for a fact she'll experience significant growth... & then use the money we save (lots of $$$) to experiment w/shorter experiences. 

Which brings me to this summer.  In the past dd's supplemented her longer program w/shorter ballet programs, contemp programs, an MT program, even the Rockettes.  But this year she's leaning towards just more ballet... although an interesting modern workshop would not be out of the question (there is something that looks interesting at Jose Limon in early June).  There was a thread recently that listed some August programs but I thought it'd be worthwhile to ask about the possibility of summer workshops or a master class series also.  Anything really, that might occur in June or August. 

Right now she's planning to audition for the French Academie's 6 day August program. Just sent the email out today to secure a date to attend a class w/their year-round students since the formal audition conflicts w/YAGP.  She had been interested in the Danish Masters (or something like that) also but either they aren't doing it this summer or they just haven't come out w/the info (it appears that last year they didn't put out audition details until the last minute).

So.... anyone have any nuggets of info they'd like to share?          


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Nutmeg has two shorter in June and one in August. The pros are partnering, modern classes, and dancing from morning until night. It's also in a beautiful facility that has been redone and is fully modernized. The cons would be there there isn't a lot for them to do in Torrington, and the supervision is higher than at some other SIs.

They have sample schedules for all their programs online, but when my DD auditioned, she gave an overview of the day in the life, and you aren't going to find more dancing than you will there.

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CPYB does a 1/2 week clean up in August. For something different have a look at Ballet X in Philadelphia. They doe contemporary ballet and have a 2 week audition based program in early June. (begun by people from PAballet). Also, have a look at Koresh, which is a contemporary/modern company, also in Philadelphia. They do 2 week intensives and 2 pre-pro intensives and a variety of other master classes. 

Great question and I'd love to hear what other people can recommend.

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For something out of your comfort zone, consider Ignite! an auditioned, one-week summer dance program about the creative process for emerging contemporary dance artists ages 15 and up.

It takes place in Toronto from July 24-29 and the audition date is June 4 (video audition deadline in June 9).


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Orlando Ballet has 2 week intensives June 11 - 23rd in Jacksonville and Orlando.  Jacksonville has room and board at University of Northern Florida. Orlando doesn't have housing, but there is a lot of housing in Orlando at various price points.

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*takes notes* I usually budget a year in advance for summer dance so it's good to see what other options are out there that may not require me to lay out quite as much as for the full intensives.

Good stuff.

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Danish Masters had to cancel with very short notice last summer because of the immigration/Visa issues. I can imagine they may be hesitant until everything is set up for them.

Fabrice Herrault has an August program through Ailey Extension that is very well thought of. I know dancers from the Royal Ballet and Boston Ballet have attended in past years.

For a more Balanchine/Vaganova experience, MYB has an August program. Many of the teachers are from NYCB and a few from ABT. It is one of the programs SAB kids attend.

BAE also has an August program.

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Looking for similar on the west coast.  Any ideas?

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In the past Indiana University offered 1, 2 and 3 week programs in June, I think. Oregon Ballet Theater tends to run later and their two-week program is in August. Milwaukee Ballet has a shorter June option this year.
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