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At 8, DD only did an hour of tap and an hour of ballet per week. At the time, she loved to dance but wasn't ready to be very committed. It just wasn't her passion yet. She was also just starting to make the transition from soccer to dance. Towards the end of the season she picked up a jazz class and a hip hop class.

At 10, DD had kicked it up a notch and did 3 hours of ballet, 2 hours of tap, 2 hours of jazz, 1 hour of hip hop, and 2 hours of lyrical per week in addition to coming to the studio hours early to take advantage of free studio time. This was back at her recreational studio, she was great friends with the SO and helped with a few classes so he allowed her free studio time whenever she wanted just so it didn't conflict with other class times. Most days, classes didn't start until at 5:00pm, some at 4:30pm. She would be there at 3:30 or 4:00pm each day, somedays where she didn't even have class. As you can tell, DD had discovered her passion for dancing by this time. She loved it from the get go, in fact, she begged me to sign her up for dance lessons when she was 7. She was always somewhat passionate about it, but didn't start taking it seriously until that year, she started competing the year after that.

It really just depends on the dancer, you know your child. If you think she can handle it, go for it. Remember that you can always add on or cut classes in the future!

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That seems reasonable to me. Last year at 10 my DD did 2 hrs ballet, 1 hr conditioning, 1 hr leaps and turns, 1 hr lyrical, 1 hr tap, 2 hrs team, 1 hr private (she alternated technique and practicing her solo), 1 hr tumbling (at gymnastics studio, no acro classes at our dance studio), plus extra practices for special groups. Plus she took an hour of karate every week and swam for an hour while her brother was at swim team practice. And science club. And math olympiad. It was not too much for her. She has ADHD and does better staying super busy and active. 

At 11 she will be leaving her old dance studio and comp team but plans on taking 3 hrs ballet (at a more ballet-focused studio), 3 hrs gymnastics, 1 hr jazz, 1 hr hip hop, plus 1-2 hrs karate. She moving to middle school and wants to do yearbook, chorus, and drama. Plus hula, if we can fit it in this year. Eek. Honestly all the activities are hardest on me, being the taxi service. [smile]

It all depends on the child. My daughter needs to be busy. My son likes a lot of down time to relax and play video games. He does swim team and karate but has tons of free time. 

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