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I have been asked to put together a Child resume for SI. I don’t know where to start. Does anyone know where I can find an example so I get an idea. The ones on Internet are kids out of college. Do I actually need to have two resumes, one for dance and one for acting! Ugh! She is 11! She is not the female Hugh Jackman, at least not yet! I appreciate the help! Thx

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I had to do one for my DD a few years ago. I googled dance resumes just to get an idea of what to include.  The style I chose was to a pic of her in the right hand corner, then included the following information:
Height, DOB
Performance Experience

I did it much like a regular resume with  the company/school in bold, along with the dates and then I italicized stuff like name of dance teacher, variation or role.

I made sure to select a picture of her that was in street clothes and looking youthful to contrast the more serious first arabesque type photo requirements.

I can't speak to whether you'll need one for dance vs. acting, but I'd think you might just because those you're sending it to will be looking for specific info.  Making sure they don't have swim through more details than they're seeking is never a bad thing.
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