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Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on recital program ads/dedications? And how much is a reasonable price for the SO to ask for a parent to write a dedication to their dancer in the program?

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Without knowing what your program looks like - it's a tough one to answer.  The price studios ask can seem pretty outrageous, but...

Last year we made a small yearbook, 42 pages, full colour digital print, coil bound laminated cover.  They came in at about $29 per book / 70 cents per page.   In real printing costs, a full page dancer ad in 100 books would be $70 in and no profit.  Black & white is cheaper, they can reduce costs with a cheap magazine quality paper, saddle stitch binding, and price drops further if they have enough orders to print on a press instead of digital.

We could have gone to a printer across town and saved $3 book.   If you are in the U.S. printing might be 25-35% less than our price.

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I want to say that the typical "Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you <insert name here>, dance your heart out" type thing in a recital program can go for as little as $5.  Bigger ads $20-$50.  But that's off the top of my head.

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I am so glad our studio does not do this. My DD is already disappointed we do not get the "keepsake printed tickets" or the production t-shirt or whatever else is sold. I get the DVD and that is it.
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