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Our studio is on the smaller size, so all genres have 1 class per level except ballet. For ballet there are 2 for every level, until level 4. Team/Non-team kids take the same class. For non-team kids they don't have to be in the recital, but team kids do. My oldest will have 10 dances in the recital (plus her comp dances). We don't have separate tech/recital classes... except for turns & leaps.

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At DD's studio, we are split into recreational classes (split by age/level/genre) and competition classes. Our competition students attend both their team genre (i.e. tap, jazz, lyrical, etc.) class as well as technique classes (i.e. ballet, acro). the team genres perform their routines at recital (1 or 2?), but no routine for team technique. Each recreational class performs 2 routines at recital.
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