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Originally Posted by nyklane
I guess I would say recital is a big deal at our studio, but we are very small.  All of the rec classes perform and all of the comp teams/solos perform. During the spring most of the classes are focused on the recital dance and very little tech is covered.  Acro maybe is the class that at least does core stuff each time - but Jazz. Tap, Ballet are at this time of year pretty much warm up and recital dance.  Ours is done at a HS auditorium and tickets are typically 17-20 per person (and dancers if they watch have to pay too).  Our costumes are about 75-80 per class..  (and then comp costumes vary depending on what's chosen).

This sounds a lot like our studio, except dancers don't generally watch the other dances; they are kept in the dressing room until it's their turn. Moms get a wristband that allows them in and out of the auditorium and dressing room (we currently have no boys at our studio).


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I started this thread a while ago - wow their spring performance is definitely not a recital. It's a full fledged show, and they are getting important experience through the full tech week without parental assistance backstage. Turns out I really like this approach!
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