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We do not pay a recital fee. But we do pay a lot.

Costumes - Between $100-$250 per costume. Average is about $150 and kids are usually in at least 7-8 dances.

Shoes and tights - usually needed new

Tickets to the show - $60 for adults. $55 for children.

DVD of the show - $75, and yiu can only purchase the DVD if you buy at least 3 tickets to the show.

Photos - $12 each.

Rehearsal fee - we pay our regular class fee x 2 to cover the cost of the dress rehearsal and the theatre rehearsal.

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Originally Posted by gandalf

One of them terains my DD for roughly 20 hours a week. They care for her, they feed her (emotionally), they look after her well being. My DD is not just a check-book walking in the front door. We've had Holidat dinners at the SO's house. We break bread together. She's called DH when she had Car problems. She's driven my DD home when I had car problems

For this an a 1000 other reasons our SO is vastly different than every other business I encounter. No, Heidi, I am not trolling you. I don't know if this bridge between us can every be closed. 

Aha!  You answered my question. 😉  Your daughter has been in the same wonderful studio for many many yrs... they're like family to you. And when people talk negatively about SOs you jump to their defense because you feel like they're disparaging your friend.  I get it now.  But here's the thing... we're not talking about your SO.  I think we'd all agree that it's great... what you've found in your own SO.  But your personal  relationship w/your SO doesn't negate Phx's (or any other poster's) concerns re: their own.  

Thanks though, for helping me understand.      

And btw...  I love Willy Wonka!  

And I also love my insurance broker... who just happens to be my husband.  But I still don't want to pay for his travel expenses.  Love has nothing to do w/it [biggrin]


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Originally Posted by Phx115
Recital costumes are always $100 per costume. Each costume has its own order form.

We have a costume closet that helps out with competitions (uh, we aren't doing any this year), but for the recital it's more of a demo.  Generally class Leos, maybe with some embellishments - character skirts, etc.

Originally Posted by Phx115

On each form it states that included in the costume cost is a fee toward recital expenses (theatre rental, teachers' time, etc.). 

That's annoying if worded that way.  It does sound as if you're being hit up multiple times.  Perhaps the form pre-dated the fee, and they simply didn't update the form?  That's a reach.

Originally Posted by Phx115

I guess ONE of the problems I have with this is that between class routines and comp routines I'm paying this "recital fee" 10 times vs the Ballet 1 dancer that is in one recital dance.

Devil's advocate here.  That Ballet 1 dancer parent would likely be ticked if they paid the exact same recital fee you did, but had to (I mean, had the pleasure of) sitting through 10 numbers with your kid, while their own child was only in one.

Originally Posted by Phx115

I'm just not seeing the justification for that. Maybe you can explain it in a way that makes it more palatable? Teachers' time? - Umm, isn't it assumed that teaching at a DANCE studio will require attendance at the dress rehearsal and recital, and is part of the job description?

One would think.

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DS has been at 2 studios.

Studio 1 (left 14 years ago):

Costumes - $250-500
Tuition (tech and groups only) - $300+/month
Solos/Duets/trios - $500/year
Comp fees were marked up.
pre comp showcase and recital both at popular professional theaters including dress rehearsals.
Never paid a recital fee.  Tickets were purchase directly from the venue at about $25/person.

Studio 2 (graduated 3 years ago:

Costumes $250-350
Tuition (tech and groups only) - $250/month unlimited
Solos/Duets/Trios - $350/year
Pre comp showcase and recital both at popular professional theaters including dress rehearsals.
Never paid a recital fee.  Tickets were purchased directly from the venue for around $30/person.

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Yes, we do have recital fees for each studio performance. Every other year there is a Christmas recital, in which all ticket sales are donated to charity. For that concert, the recital fees are very minimal, like $10 per dance and $15 per family. The SO and teachers make it very clear that the money goes towards renting the recital space, cleanup--the details of creating a professional show and show environment. We can see the teachers and SO all working very hard to make a lot happen in each recital.

For the spring recital, every other year is a "big production" year. The spring recital has more of a breakdown, with dancers and families given a breakdown of a recital fee that is based on how many classes a dancer takes, as well as a discount for families (multiple dancers from the same household). Again, the fee goes toward cleanup, space rental, hiring light/sound people, etc. The spring production also has a week-long dress rehearsal with all teachers present with light and sound people. Basically, it's staging and tech. And, I'm sure that the sound and light guys (at least) are not there for free, and the theater space and dressing room area space being rented isn't free either. So I would assume part of the concert fees go to that.

The fee is definitely smaller during the 'little year' and higher during the 'big production' year. I don't think twice about the recital fees. As a private instructor myself (for music), I understand how much work and monetary investment goes into creating and putting on an enjoyable, thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining showcase. And even the public school choirs, orchestra, bands, etc. in the area have performance fees and registration fees and whatnot per each event, festival, so on. So, it seems like an industry standard to me.

The costume fees get to me, though. They are not transparent, and they don't always make sense to me. Even though the costumes are supposed to be plainer and simpler and less expensive in the little year, I think they cost just as much as the big production year....

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I completely understand the OP's frustration. Being charged over and over would be frustrating. I don't see the SO or DT working 9x's harder for that dancer to justify those additional costs. 

We have had a recital fee the past two years. I believe it is $50 and includes 4 tickets. I personally like this because it keeps ticket prices down, so if family and friends want to come, they only have to pay $8. 


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We have danced at two studios over the years. Neither one charged a recital fee.  We paid for costumes and tickets to the recital. (and of course comp fees)

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I hate recitals now that DD has other performing opportunities. There is a recital fee, costume fee, and cost of tickets, t-shirt, video etc. not to mention there are a number of performances and DD is usually in a couple of them.

I totally get it if this was the only opportunity your dancer had to perform but now for me I just see it as another wasteful cost and taking away time she should be learning in class. Thankfully my DD is in a number of technique only classes so there is no recital dance and I opted out of two other classes so she will only be in two routines for this year's recital.

It goes into my "is this the right studio?" thoughts but so far the positive outweighs the negative.
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