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We use the Dream Duffle garment bags and wooden hangers with clips. My daughter like everything to look the same in terms of hangers. The Dream Duffle hangers fit the garment bag exactly. Other hangers are too wide. We have a mesh top on a one piece costume. The clip part of the hanger hits the mesh part. How can I protect the mesh part while still using the hanger?

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I buy the velveteen ones from The Dollar Tree.  They have metal hooks which is consistent with our hangers with the clips (best for 2 piece costumes) and work great for costumes that won't hold up to the hard plastic hangers with the clips. 

They look like these but you get them 3/$1

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Are the clips in use? If not, I'd probably slide them both to the center of the hanger, then wrap a scrap of fabric or fleece around them. A rubber band should keep it secure. The fabric should keep the metal hooks from damaging the mesh fabric.

To be honest, though - I've never worried about that kind of thing with my DD's costumes. We've never had a tear on any hanger. We use a mix of Dream Duffel hangers, velveteen hangers and plain old plastic hangers (with metal swivel hooks - the kind that often come with kid's clothes). I like the plastic ones the best - a rubber band on the ends keep things from falling off, and you can add a over-the-hook set of clips for 2-piece costumes. I like the plastic ones in part because my DD15 can't put a costume on a hanger to save her life - and if we lose a hanger, at least it's not an expensive one! [rofl]

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I'd probably also suggest covering the clips with a piece of fabric if you're worried about it.
On the other hand, DD has 2 costumes with mesh on the tops and 1 with stretchy lace that seems like it will snag easily, and I haven't had issues with the Dream duffel hangers yet.

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When we have a top, like mesh, that can be compromised by the hanger or clips, we hang the costume by the crotch or invert the top so the costume is clipped at the waist. So much depends on the material and whether it wrinkles easily, etc.
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