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In our studio it depends on how long you've been doing a solo (and the process is the same for duets/trios).

The first year, DT gives you a couple of choices of music.   She picks a costume from the studio costume closet (she is VERY reasonable about accommodating parent preferences, keeps things age appropriate, etc.).

Once you have experience doing a solo/duet/trio, you work with DT on music & costume.  I have typically suggested a few options to DT & she generally picks one.  I make dd's costumes, so DT gives me an idea of what she's thinking & then we work together to make sure it's got the right look.

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Most of the time there isn't a choice for music for solos/duos/trios. All of ours are invitation only and usually the teacher who gives the invitation has something in mind. Sometimes, the kids might get a choice of a couple of songs from the teacher. Only in the cases of outside choreographers or a teacher with a longterm relationship with an older student can someone pick their own song. 

Over the past few years, my dancer worked with his teacher on songs for his tap solo. There was a lot of give and take between them to figure it out. This year his contemporary solo was with an outside choreographernso my dancer and I (really me) picked the song. I'm confident that if the choreographer thought the song would not work he would have let us know.

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My older daughter (age 12 as of a few days ago) usually gets to choose between 1-3 songs suggested by the SO who also teaches her solos. Last year she had her choice between 2 songs- lol, and this year it looks like she isn't going to have a choice but she likes the song. Nothing is finalized. She will be adding a second solo in a new genre for her and for solos at our studio and I have asked for input here on songs. Not because we have the final decision but because we have an open dialogue on "hey check this song out, etc." we could suggest a song and it could end up going to another dancer because she envisions that song more for that dancer. Once she suggested a song for her solo and the SO liked it but a different version- it worked. We ALWAYS go with her suggestions bc if she sees you or envisions you in a dance doing something it's guaranteed to be better than making something work bc you want it to or like it. Younger DD8 has never had a say- she gets told by the SO who runs it by me first.

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We work with DT. She has final say but it is a joint effort, at our studio parents have to approve solo and duo, trio songs too.

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For us it depends on the choreographer and teacher.
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