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Hello moms [smile] I posted some questions months back wondering if any of you had any experience on the Joffrey West LA jazz and contemporary SI because DD and I were debating on it still. We decided to go for it and I thought I would write a little review on the program because many of you all had questions about the program as well

let me preface this by saying that DD is 19, we commuted to the program, and only attended 1 week of the intensive because of conflicts with Nationals the other weeks 

Their Staff was very kind and helpful, interns were all willing to go out of their way to walk the girls to where they needed to be if they didn't know where to go, happy to answer any questions. DD was very sick the first half of her week there and they actually let us go thursday and friday of week1 and mon, tues, wed of the following week so she wasn't dancing sick. Very accommodating! 

Heres where I got all info from my DD lol... her group had about 27 girls in it, and there were 5 groups overall, so that kind of gives you an idea about how many girls were in the program. They had a "mock agency audition" & Q&A with Go2Talent agency one of the days which DD thought was very informative. She thought she got a LOT out of her ballet classes, particularly her classes with Josie Walsh and Jonathan Sharp (she wants ballet privates with jonathan now oh lord [rofl]). Contemporary with Zak Schlegel and Chehon, winner of SYTYCD season 9, she couldn't stop talking about. 

Overall, she had an amazing week and still talks about her classes and how much she learned. She was very disappointed that she wasn't able to participate in the final showcase because of our conflict with nationals. Maybe next year[crazy]

If you all have any questions, feel free to ask and I (or my DD lol) will be happy to answer what we can!

It seems like there wasn't much info on this program when I was researching it a couple months ago so I wanted to put this post out there to be a resource for others [smile]

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