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So, my dancer and I went to orientation this week. He is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in dance. The dance minor is official because he met with his advisor and has his first dance class on his schedule Dance 220 - Modern Dance Composition. 

He thinks he might want to teach as a side (fun) job once he graduates so this minor is right up his alley because there is a lot of focus on choreography and teaching.

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He might even want to start as a side job white he is still in school. I have seen more than a few do so. Congrats to him for finding a great mix for his education!

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I'm late to this but if he can put it in his schedule now, he should start now.  My dd is 15 and is starting as an assistant to the SO for the little kids with the plans of working her way up to a full teacher at some point.  She may or may not do it as a career but as a part-time job it beats the heck out of fast food.
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