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DD16 is picking her solo song for the 2017-18 competition season. She is hoping to settle on one this year as last season, she ended up changing her song a month before competition.
For context, she has danced to Dream (Priscilla Ahn, very overused), Beautiful Life (Charlotte Martin), and Pieces by Rob Thomas.
Currently, the strongest competitors are So Cold by Ben Cocks and I Found by Amber Run. Save Myself by Ed Sheeran is also an option but she has expressed worries about it being overused. She and DT also love the group Sleeping At Last, so Mercury, Mars, and Earth from their album Atlas as well as Already Gone and As Long As You Love Me from their covers album are options.
She and I love them all but she is unable to choose and is asking for input.
Additionally, she and her best friend are doing their 5th duet this year (ouch, time flies) and they are set on using Saturn by Sleeping at Last. We only heard this song once the whole season, but I'm wondering if anyone thinks it has been overused?
Thanks for any input you can provide [smile]

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Great song choices! I have heard I Found a couple times at comps but don't think it is overused. Really do love So Cold. DD and I are big fans of Sleeping At Last and out of the ones you chose for solo song options, DD's favorites are Mercury and Earth. As far as your duet song choice, I don't think we have heard Saturn at a comp recently so its not overused in my book.

Good luck on your song choices, thats always the hardest part of it all!! DD is in the same boat as you guys are right now trying to decide between songs [crazy] Let us know what you guys decide!

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Someone, PLEASE, shoot me if I hear I Found one more time! I'm sure I've heard the Sleeping at Last instrumentals at comps but I don't pay much attention to the instrumentals as much because the dances all look the same to me.
I would say, go with what she loves the most or gets the most feels from. Just because I don't want to hear I Found ever again doesn't mean a damn thing. If that's the song she wants, then go for it.

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I went to watch a few competitions that DD's former studio attended this past season, I think I heard "I Found" about a dozen times at each competition.  Additionally, as I am suffering from dance withdrawal, I watched a great deal of live feeds from various comps and that song was used a lot.

As for anything by Sleeping at Last...I love, love, love everything Ryan does.  DD danced to "Saturn" (although DT called something different) and "North" (also called something different by DT).  Both were lovely, however every time DD took the stage dancing to "North" I cried my eyes out (yes, it was her senior year so I was very emotional).  Even if I could hold it together for most of the dance, that last passage in the song got me every time.  

Anyway, I don't hear a ton of Sleeping at Last.  I've heard "Saturn" several times, but I wouldn't call it overused.  I would say the most used Sleeping at Last songs are "Chasing Cars", "99 Red Balloons", "Turning Pages", "Every Little Thing", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "I'm Gonna Be", "Already Gone", and "Make You Feel My Love" and maybe "Earth" and "Mercury".   

Best of luck to your DD.  She has some really wonderful options on her song list!

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DD did a solo to I Found this past year. Her DT had never heard it before and was surprised DD had found it before her! There was only 1 comp that I remember that had another soloist using the same song. There were at least 1, usually 2 or 3, groups at each comp that used the song. 

I'll probably hear it a lot more this year. We compete in Michigan/Ohio area.
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