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I haven't thought much about college dance before so any advice is helpful.  I have two specific questions:

(1) Are dance majors/minors usually pointe focused?  I ask because while my dd loves contemporary she doesn't have a classical ballet desire.

(2) Do many dancers double major or major/minor with dance as one of the areas of study? or is it usually all dance?

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You need to research each program individually. There are programs the are strictly ballet focused. There are programs that are modern/contemporary with ballet and there are programs like the U of Arizona that are a triple threat.

Dancers can be in a BFA or a BA program. The BFA can be in a conservatory setting like Point Park and Uarts or the BFA can be in a University or college. Our research indicated that most programs will tell you that you can be in the BFA and double major but for practical purposes it can be difficult. Fordham/Ailey flat out laughed and said not to expect to double major (though I've read a lot of posts where students are doing just that, so??)

It is really a process of "talking" to people and doing your research. We found visits to dance departments and really talking to faculty and either watching or participating in a class has been helpful.

Ask lots of questions!

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I think there are only a handful of pointe/ballet focused programs. I feel as if they are actually the minority compared to modern/contemporary programs

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What tendumom said I've found to be true as well. Many schools had dance majors, but trying to find those that were more strictly ballet, including pointe work, was more difficult.

As for double majoring or minoring, it seems that it varies with the school. At some, they might flat out tell you that it will be hard to graduate in four years while trying to double-major. Other programs seem to encourage it. Minoring seems like it would always be easier to fit in, given it's fewer additional credit compared to a second degree.
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