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We just moved to the island of oahu and I am looking for a good dance studio for my 4 year old daughter. She already has two years of dance and loves it. She has a natural talent for it and I want to make sure I get her in a good studio so that she can receive the best education she can to help foster her development. Is anyone here from Hawaii or know anything about the studios? They all seem pretty similar and the instructors all seem to have great backgrounds. Thanks!

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I don't live anywhere near Hawaii, and I don't recall any frequent posters who do. We do have some DM's who are in military families, and sometimes my memory fails me, so hopefully there is someone who can help direct you! I think I remember a thread on here that was titled something like "what to look for in a good dance studio". Maybe that would help? Welcome to the board and good luck!

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At our nationals, there was an adorable and really really great young dancer from Honolulu Dance Studio.  I don't recall seeing any groups from their studio, but this one little girl was phenomenal.  I would definitely check out that studio if it is close enough to you.

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I can't give you any advice... BUT I am wiling to go and look for you.  I will make sure to stay until I find you and daughter the perfect studio!

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