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I wanted to update my old thread, but can't find it. So, I'll start with a little background.
DD is 12, had been doing competitive gymnastics for 4 years, but had to stop due to the lower back problems, and chose to do dance instead. This past year she danced at a studio that doesn't have a competition team. They do have a performance company that DD auditioned for, but didn't make it.

So, we've been looking for another studio that would give her a more serious training, and more performance\competitions opportunities. I posted a couple months ago about trying out at another studio, but DD didn't like it, the group was too advanced for her, and she thought she wasn't good enough for them.

Then we found out that another local studio has a competition team and DD wanted to try out. We couldn't make it to their formal audition, it was on the same day as DD's drama club performance. SO was very nice about it, and offered to evaluate her at one of the spring session's classes. We went yesterday. There were two classes going on at the same time - one hour company prep class taught by SO, and two hours company class taught by another DT (who is the main company teacher as far as I understood). SO wanted to evaluate DD personally, so she put her in a company prep class, but then she asked her to stay for another hour and join the company class. 

Before the end of the class I went talk to SO and ask her what she thought of DD. She said she needed to talk to the company DT first, she wasn't sure if they would put her in a company class or company prep, or maybe she would need to come back a couple more times, so they could get a better idea. In any case she will email me later to let me know what's the next step.

But then after the class was over and I had a chance to briefly talk to the DT, and she was like, yeah, she did great, this class is fine for her!

So, I'm still waiting to hear from SO, but based on what DT said (and considering she is the main company teacher), we are hopeful that they will offer DD a spot in the company.

DD absolutely loved it. She felt like she fit right in. It helped that she knew a few girls there (from gymnastics, school and other activities). The other place was two towns over, and she didn't know anyone there. This one is in our town, so not surprising there were familiar faces there. But she said even the girls she didn't know were nice to her.

The studio is not super competitive, they just started competing a couple of years ago, and only do a couple competitions a year. The hours are not too high, she would be doing 4.5 hours of technique classes (2.5 of those are ballet), and about 2-3 hours of competition dances rehearsals. All of this is fine with me. We are still worried about DD's back (don't want to re-injure it), so not looking for anything super serious, and definitely not thinking of a career in dance. 

Sorry for the long post. Just super excited to start this new chapter and wanted to share. [smile]


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Sounds like a great fit!  Glad you found the right studio for you!
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