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I was going to give it a shot, but I couldn't get past age 3! LOL
I was able to determine that, by the end of this season, DD has been in approximately 122 different dances. Not bad for 16 years of dance! But, yeah... I couldn't tell you all the names of her dances. LOL

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Tap- Crocodile Rock
Ballet- Colors of The Wind
Jazz: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Tap: Let's Hear it For The Boy
Lyrical: Hands
Jazz: New Girl in Town
Tap: Shake your TailFeather
Lyrical: Yesterday
Jazz: Forget About The Boy
Tap: Let's Groove in Our Suit and Tie
Lyrical: Falling in Love
Jazz: Man in the Mirror
Hip-Hop: Bubblegum
Solo: Roxie
2015(this year)
Tap: ???
Lyrical: 99 Red Ballons
Contemporary: Heard it Through the Grapvine
Hip-Hop: ??
Production: Annie
Solo: Open Waters
High School
Pom: Mix of Tons of songs
Kick: Never was told name
Hip-Hop: Mix of lots of music
Coed: Swing theme
Production: Alice in Wonderland


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I forgot
Acro 2014 Neutron Dance
Acro 2015 Hey Now

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OK, this shouldn't be too hard since they don't do a ton of dances & she's only 11 (r = recital; c= comp):

2010 - Kindergarten
Tap - Swim Little Fish (or something like that, they were little fishies)

2011 - 1st Grade
Tap - Wizard of Oz medley

2012 - 2nd Grade
Tap - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Jazz - Life is a Highway

2013 - 3rd Grade
Tap - Rockin Robin
Jazz - All Star
Ballet - For Good
Summer lyrical solo - A Thousand Years

2014 - 4th grade (first year of Comp)
Tap - Little Miss Muffett - medley of Freak Out, Get up Offa That Thing & Hit the Road Jack (c)
Jazz - Shrek themed - I'm a Believer (r)
Ballet - Be Our Guest (r)
Hip Hop - Hammertime (r)
Summer Jazz solo - Tightrope

2015 - 5th grade
Tap - Hot Chocolate (c)
Jazz - Seize the Day (r)
Ballet - A Lovely Night - fr. Cinderella (r)
Hip Hop - ABC (r)
Modern - Heard it Through the Grapevine (r)

2016 - 6th Grade
Tap - Can You Do This? (c)
Jazz - Survivor (I think - r)
Ballet - Blessings (r)
Hip Hop  - don't know song yet (r)
Modern - don't know song yet - Gladiator themed (r)


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I can tell you what she's doing this year.
Ballet - Friends of Copellia
Tap - Hard Knock Life
Hip hop - Pretty Girl Rock

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Fun! I am not sure how I will do but will give it a try

Age 4 first Rec recital
Jazz- it was a tweedle dee theme. Can't recal song

Age 5 Rec

Age 6 rec
Jazz- ??

Age 7 rec
Jazz- ??
Tap- Flight
Ballet character- some Disney song
Hip hop- shut up

Age 8 Rec
Jazz- that's what I like
Tap- booty swing
Arco- black and gold

Age 9 recital
Jazz rolling in the deep
Tap- Paris

Age 10 new studio! First year competing
Jazz- lonely boy
Tap- expresso
Contemporary- I spy
Ballet- nutcracker (Christmas performance)
Lyrical- ??(Christmas performance)
Solo (Jazz)- live it up

Age 11
Jazz- dear future husband
Tap- text me
Ballet- the piano
Acro- snakes and ladders
Hip hop- a mix ( black eyed peas)
Musical theatre- hairspray
Lyrical- ??
Contemporary- home cinematic orchestra
Solo- (Jazz) pumpin blood nonono
hip hop- routine for the next step live

Age 12
Jazz- Fallin in love
Tap- ballroom blitz
Hip hop- yeah
Musical theatre- teen beach
Lyrical- bridge of light
Contemporary- in this shirt
Ballet- carmen fantasy
Acro- circo
Solo (ballet) a thousand years (piano guys)

Next year!!
Solo (contemporary)- Strong London grammar

Everything else is TBD


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I would never be able to do all of them! However, I bet I can remember the ones I loved and the ones I hated, and probably solos and duos.

Hated : Chicken with the train (country song, tap, she was 13.)
            Money (love the song, hated the dance and the group she was with, they were really nasty to her, age 14)
            A Little Party (age 14)
            Fur Elise (awful cheap cheesy costume, all the kids were basically back up dancers for the SO to show off her favorite tapping boy, age 14)
Loved: 9 to 5 (age 10)
           Summertime (tap, age 11)
           Aye Carumba (age 8)
           Bushnell and a Peck (age 7, just adorable)
           Be Our Guest (rec tap, age 5)

Solos: My Love, from the Barbie Rapunzel, age 7; Hippy Hippy Shakes, and a piece from Fantasia for a ballet solo, age 8, Party Girl, and Dance of the Fairies, age 9; OMG I can't remember her 10year old solo, but her duo was Pep Vim and Verve;  Piece of Sky and Shy at 11 years as well as a duo Little Old New York; Astonishing and The Guy I Love at 12, Here I am at 13, Roxie and Never land at 14, Thinking Out Loud (self choreographed)

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I'm actually keeping a list of my daughters dance songs in a file on my computer. I have future plans for them.

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Year 1
A You're Adorable

Year 2
Codfish Ball
Under the Sea

Year 3
Let's Dance
Name Game
Some song that had my favorite pink costume
some random song for the tumbling dance

Year 4
Double Dutch Bus
Land of A Thousand Dances
What a Wonderful World

Enter DD 2
Strawberry Shortcake

Year 5
The beef commercial song, I can't remember the name
Get Up Off that Thing
I can't remember the tumbling song
The Scientist

Dora the Explorer

Year 6
Some Disney song for ballet
Brick House
Wind Beneath My Wings
A tumbling dance

I Got No Strings

Year 7
Shakin at the High School Hop
A School Daze medley for production
We Like to Party

Hey Little School Girl

I give up. Lol
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