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The feedback and critiques are why my daughters dance teacher competes with the girls. She stresses that those and the team building are the most important facets of the whole thing. Strange how studios can be so different!

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Originally Posted by ProMommie
She refuses to give us the scores. She says it's for her eyes only and thinks it will make the kids discouraged if they see their scores. 

That's just wrong.  These kids need to know how they did not just the critiques but the actual scores. 

DS attended one studio from 2-8 and a second studio from 9-19.  Both studio posted a list in the lobby after every comp with all the results including marks, adjudication, placements, overalls and special awards.  The kids loved to look at it and see thing like how close they were to the next adjudication.  I feel like it would only be discouraging to the kids if you place too much emphasis on winning.  Our second studio's emphasis was in beating yourself.  After every comp she would add new columns to the sheet so the kids could see if they had improved their mark from comp to comp and if not they knew what they needed to correct based on the critiques.  Never made anyone feel badly about themselves.

Plus, you are paying the comp fees so you deserve the entire adjudication including marks and comments.  If you choose not to share them with your child that's up to you as her mom - NOT her DT.

ETA - Some of our comps even announce the marks during the awards.

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Our dancers sit with the So and/or DT after each comp and review vidoes and comments to find out what were considered strengths and weaknesses. Yes, it can be discouraging.  We got two platinums and found out we got them by the skin of our teeth, but, the girls are motivated to work harder  and improve for next tine.  Platinum is nothing to sneeze at but working hard for the sake of clean dancing and personal improvement is a worthy goal.

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Nope, it's not just you - I've noticed the contortion/tricks too. My DD is not a gymnast or an acrobat, and has no interest in becoming one! In terms of flexibility, she has the "basics," but she isn't overly bendy. She is accident prone to begin with and I couldn't imagine the injuries she would be dealing with if she was constantly doing these acro tricks, etc!

I personally enjoy watching dance, just dance. I would much rather see beautiful technique, rather than a bunch of crazy acro tricks any day! My DD has never done tricks (even as a mini - and tricks are especially popular among mini dancers) and never will. In her words, "If I wanted to do tricks, I would be in gymnastics!" [biggrin]

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I miss lyrical too! We do see a lot of tap (and clogging) around here (middle of Wisconsin)
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