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2nd grade when I was told by other parents it wasn't allowed for company girls. Though the SO nor DT never said anything. I wish I could still stay for the class. There's so much down time when we are there picking up and dropping off or time talking to people there that one wonders if they are dancing for more than 10mins.

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My daughter was a month from 5 when she started the team. I stayed for the first week, but since then I only stay if we have a parent meeting or I end up talking to someone for more then 20 minutes on a short class day.

The older girls (7 year olds) helped her with her hip hop and tap shoes until she was able to tie them last month. I honestly think that's what pushed her to finally get tieing her shoes right. And she has gone to the bathroom by herself for over a year (as in her own stall which I wait outside of if we are out).

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Competition studio atmosphere is very friendly and I like to stay and chit chat with friends. DD7 likes to play with her best friend, also a little sister, as well as other friends at the studio while DD14 dances and I sit and watch her team with my friends. This is only 1 day a week with multiple hours. Often I'll go out for food and bring it back. They several nice sitting areas with couches or high chairs at just the right height to look in the viewing windows. There are windows for all the studios. There is plenty of space for the little kids to play. I do like watching and being available to refill water bottles and interact with DD14 and the other kids on her team. During the first part of the season, I am often asked to video and post to the team facebook page. DD14 likes for me to watch her there since its totally acceptable in the culture of the studio. On days that DD7s friends aren't there or my friends aren't there, I usually leave and just pick up.

At the ballet studio, I drop DD14 off and pick her up, or she catches a ride with a driving classmate. There aren't any viewing windows for the upper levels, and DD14 doesn't want me to sit around there anyway, it's just not the right atmosphere for it. I wait for DD7 to finish her class there though, because it's only a 45 minute class and she's a bit uncomfortable at the ballet studio since she hasn't been there since birth [rolleyes]

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99% of the time I stay. DD is 7. She doesn't mind if I leave, and I have before, but she would rather me be there. There are moms that stay for kiddos much older than mine. 

I am more likely to leave if one of the other team members moms is there and will be staying the whole time because she looks at them (at least 2 of them) as another mom. We have been stoning costumes the past few days when watching, so the time goes by quickly. Or I will bring my laptop to do school and work.
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