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Has anyone had their daughter's go to this Intensive?

I don't think I can afford the 3 weeks. Would one week be worth the $1300?


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My DD attended the Joffrey Intensive in Southern California this past summer. We couldn't afford all 3 weeks either, so she only attended for 1 week. Her week was split up, she went wed, thurs, fri, and then mon and tues of the following week because she was recovering from strep the first part of the week she was supposed to attend (they were SUPER accommodating letting us split up her week because of illness!). Because her week had to be split in half like that, She got a taste of what Week 2 and Week 3 are like. If your DD is planning on attending only 1 week, I would definitely suggest her to go to the first week, if possible, so she will be new just like everyone else. Yes people come and go every week, but DD said she had more of a difficult time making friends because she says that everyone already knew each other. Other than that, my daughter loved the time she had at Joffrey last summer and is auditioning again next month. This time she wants to be in the final performance, for which you have to attend 2 weeks to be able to be in. Not sure if my wallet will allow that, lol, but it never hurts to audition. Best of luck to your DD, she will love Joffrey even if it is only for 1 week!

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We did Joffrey Jazz NYC last summer for 3 weeks. She had a great time. One week I am sure would be great, except you don’t participate in end of summer performance and also sometimes you make a friends and have to leave them so quickly.

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I have no personal experience with the Joffrey programs.  People we know who attended felt they got a lot out of them, but we only know a few people who attended and they went to NYC.

I'm curious why one week of Joffrey at that price?  Is it local for you?

$1300 for one week of summer intensive seems high to me.

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My daughter attended all 3 weeks last year and loved it.  She had previously attended Joffrey West and NY but this was in her opinion, top notch training.  She is a modern/contemporary kid and she really enjoyed working with the instructors they brought in.  Of all the Joffrey intensives, this is the best in my opinion (and hers). She loves working with Josie Walsh and some of her other teachers (Jon Olestad, Brad Shelver and Zak Schlegal) she still talks about.

I think 1 week would be okay, 2 would be better.  The 3rd week does start to break up getting ready for their performances (which again, were all awesome).

My DD says there was less fluff at this intensive compared to her previous two.  Ballet and pointe + contemporary every day was totally what she wanted.  Our SO commented on her improvement when we got back.  

Hope that helps

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