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Hello everyone!

We are moving the Jacksonville, FL area with 12 y/o DD. Would love to know any suggestions on truly advanced/competitive/challenging, yet supportive and friendly dance studios/competition teams.

She would like to dance in a range of pieces (solos/duo/trios, small/large groups, productions/lines, etc). She is serious about technique and we would appreciate a studio that offers quality classes all around, including ballet, rhythm tap, contemporary/modern, gymnastics, hip hop, jazz, acting, conditioning/stretching/etc and master classes.. 

Willing to drive just outside the Jacksonville area (within reason) if there's something we would love. 

Thank you in advance! 


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I'm not from the area but I know we've competed against some teams from Jacksonville. Trying to jog my memory....Mia Bella? Britney Boyd? Bravo? A coworker has a niece in J'ville but I can't remember the studio name and she's not here. I think it began with an E. I can't remember much about any of them. Sorry!

ETA - J'ville is one of 'the' cities in Florida that a lot of comps go to along with: Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Lakeland. Just stalk a bunch of comps and look for J'ville results. Maybe even Orlando since that is only a 2-3 hr drive. That should help to find out what studios compete.
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