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I believe someone could be "good enough" to get a tier 1 or 2 level job and accept a semi-professional company position.

No everyone wants to wander the world for dance.  Perhaps there are family obligations or other considerations.  Perhaps they just don't want to live in Denmark or New York City, or wherever that elusive job might open up.  Perhaps the financial means just aren't there to travel to enough auditions, or move to whatever city the job might be located.  Perhaps after being at a company or two, another lateral move just isn't appealing when current company loses half their funding or the building floods during a hurricane.

For whatever reason, a dancer might choose to take a job at one of the semi-pro companies.  Perhaps on that level, they can dance leads they'd never get a shot at.  Perhaps they have an opportunity to choreograph.  Perhaps Mom is going through medical issues.  Perhaps an unplanned pregnancy means it makes more sense to stay in a place where there is family support or the other partner has a good job with benefits to support the child.

Life is unpredictable.  

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