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Originally Posted by Jacaranda
There are many benefits to tap that she won't get as strongly in other genres. Tap teaches an understanding of musicality in a much deeper way than other dance styles as they must make their own music with their feet to match the music. Tap increases their ability to think faster, it requires very fast thinking which will improve their ability to pick up choreography in all styles (and help them do better in school).

I agree with this.  I have to admit that tap is not my favorite style of dance but I think it really does help in teaching the dancer to listen to the rhythm in the music.


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It all depends where she wants to go and on the studio. The studio I grew up dancing with, we HAD to take Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Voice in order to be in the comp/show group. If you didn't take those you couldn't be on the team. So, if someone who was say 10 years old came to our studio and didn't take tap, they likely wouldn't pass the audition.

I realize it's a bit different these days. At my daughter's studio the only required class to be on the comp team is ballet. All others are choices. The comp teams have different genre classes so the comp kids can decide which ones they want to participate in.

Not everyone wants to grow up and be a professional dancer, so again totally depends. I would say that if kids want to make it to college age/adulthood performing in productions, those productions may have a variety of genres, including tap. That could limit a performer.

I always love a good tap number by the way. [smile]

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This isn't a hill I would die on with my child, but I do see where tap helps her immensely in all forms of dance. There is a sense of rhythm and musicality that it builds, and if you are dancing to a more complex piece of music in another genre, you actually "hear" it differently. DD holds the center spot in certain numbers so others can watch her for timing, precisely because of the musicality she has gained from tap.
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