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Anyone ever been? Our SO just notified us today that she's pulling out of one comp to enter us in this weekend but same general area. Hotels won't have to be changed.
Just wondering if anyone has any experience... search on here comes up empty.

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I have never heard of them so I looked it up. Not in our area. I did like this rule, wonder if they stick with it

Levels of competition:

Inferno Dance will have three separate levels for all age groups and categories. Keep in mind that Spark (Level 1) would exhibit skills of a beginner dancer, Fire (Level 2) would exhibit skills of an intermediate dancer, and Blaze (Level 3) would be considered the most advanced dancer. Judging criteria for adjudicated awards will be based on the expected ability of each level. If our panel of judges feels that a routine has been placed in an incorrect level, Studio Directors/Owners will be given the opportunity to move the routine to the appropriate level or that routine will risk disqualification. When entering a routine in the open or character category, skill level should be determined using the skills listed below where appropriate. If part/all of an open or character routine is in a style not listed, use your own discretion when choosing skill level.

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We just went to Inferno as independents, and really had no idea what to expect.  Their levels made no sense, as they list about 7 skills for each level that determine 1 (Spark), 2 (Fire) or 3 (Blaze).  None of the listed elements were in my daughter's solo, so I entered her as Blaze based on years of experience. The judging seemed fair, and the competition was solid.  Awards ran long, and ended with "take a bow on 3, 1-2-3" for each top score.  Annoying.  We supposedly get a free video and all the pix for free.  Still waiting on that.  I think we would go back next year.
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