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like many others have said, it's a way for the competition to make money, and for dancers and their parents to win more trophies and feel validated by what 3 random dance professionals felt in the very moment they judged them. This is the same thing that happens at regional competitions. The only difference is that many nationals competitions have convention classes and a lot more hype. the competition owners hype it up to make it out to be ultra important because it's "nationals." Like you, many on the outside might falsely believe that those who go to nationals have made it past some major qualifying regional competition and only the best of the best compete against each other at nationals. That's not how it is at all. It's just a glorified regionals if you ask me. 

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Originally Posted by my2miracles
The competition part for most is just a bigger regional but the one dd went to provided by invite only some really cool opportunities.  And the cool thing was it wasn't just about the elite dancers.  DD then aged 11 & 12 (went 2 years) was a intermediate dancer at the time and new to the comp world, got to be part of a group that made music videos.  It was really cool.  They talked about how music video dancing is different than stage dancing, etc.  It was a really great experience.  Another group they had was for kids who weren't the best dancers but showed a lot of heart on stage - one of dd's teammates got invited to that one.  They did a dance in the finale.  Another group was a fashion show, 2 of dd's teammates did that one.  It was a great opportunity for them to have a performance experience that they wouldn't have otherwise had.  Learn dances in 3-4 days, dance with dancers you've never met.

Even though DD's studio doesn't attend a Nationals, I'm curious which company does this? It sounds like a great opportunity for all levels of dancers.

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Phx115 it's Cathy Roe

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Nationals is a fun experience for the dancers.  We usually go out of state to a family vacation friendly destination.  However, we often have tougher competition (not to mention more studios) at our regional events.

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Originally Posted by dmjrm4
Our studio is flying across the country to compete at The Dance Awards and we are competing for the coveted "Studio of the Year" award.  It is a big deal for us.

Ummmmm, kind of excited that Gil Stroming, owner of Break the Floor Conventions, liked my post from this thread!  Thanks for reading Gil! [smile]
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