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Our studio has grown quickly, and the owner and her right-hand person are still doing it all.  (Delegating is not their strongest talent.)  They are stressed to the 9s trying to get costumes done, dances finished, etc.

What are some ways that, as parents, you help out?  How do you encourage your studio owner & teachers?  How do your dancers contribute to the studio?  

Studio owners, I would especially love your input!  What would you love if a parent did to help or encourage?  Is there anything that would be overstepping the boundaries and would irritate you?


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DD15 and I have a close relationship with SO.  It a teeny tiny startup studio - this is year 3 and SO does it all plus many other things.  SO has a hard time taking help - I've offered many times.  We do what she will let us.  DD offered to assist her with a couple of classes.  She didn't have a path of assistant teachers or demonstrators.  We've seen that at our 2 other studios and it was a good opportunity for DD to learn how to teach and get experience.

DH is painting the prop DD is using in her solo - it's a studio prop that needs an update.  We had to say "We're doing this".  SO is hiring DD this summer as an official teacher once she has her driver's license so I'm thinking DD will then be able to help more.  In SO's case I think it's a combo of not being able to accept help but also not wanting to make it seems like she's playing favorites.  It totally get that because we had issue with that at DD's previous studio.
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