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My daughter is part of a small country town dance school, so solo opportunities are very limited.   She was very fortunate to get a spot for private lessons to perform solos in competitions, and has definitely improved because of it, and has become a better troupe member also.

I've noticed that one thing that has also come out of it is her sense of creativity and her growing interest in choreography.  She has entered Student Choreography sections for the past 2 years and it may be something that she will work towards later in life if a career on the stage doesn't work out.  At least then she will have first hand experience on stage, as well as working one-on-one with someone.


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DD18 is in her eighth year of competing. This is her sixth year of having a solo. It's her fifth year at our current studio. And the studio is in it's fifth year. So it's young and still finding it's way. DD has been on the current studios senior team for four years. It requires one solo but many do two. Our SO and DT aren't very interested in Tap, but we do have a DT who comes in just for Tap. She mostly teaches Tap at a local University so I am happy that DD gets a high level teacher. DD has had a Tap solo for five years. That means a rehearsal every other week and a private the other. DD has not always received high adjudications or placements, but as the years went by, she got stronger and stronger. Now, she is a senior and getting top ten and judges awards. And that is what I see as the benefit of a solo. Your kid can have some dedicated time to focus on a genre that speaks to them. No matter what the award color is.

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Like others, I don't believe solos are necessary for growth but they do provide for unique growth experiences sometimes. I would want to ask a few questions: how often do solos rehearse? Some studios barely clean or rehearse after choreo is set. Others require weekly or near weekly private lessons. Obviously a lot more potential for growth exists in a scenario where they are cleaning and rehearsing with a teacher regularly.

My other question is how is choreo set for individual dancers? Do you get to choose the style and choreographer? Does your studio tend to set solos with challenging choreo that will help your dancer grow and reach for something all year? Or do they tend to do "puff" dances that are pretty easy but may score better without much personal growth?

Duet/trios are totally different in my experience. My daughter learns completely different lessons about timing and musicality and matching styles and connecting with another person through duets and trios. She doesn't necessarily grow in terms of technique or skill in a duet/trio. But she finds that bonding and common experience at competitions to be amazing in a way that groups and solos aren't for her.

So consider her goals and share then with your SO and I'm sure they'll give her what she most needs to grow in the way you are hoping for.
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