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We have homeschooled all along using a mostly classical curriculum. I would like to start tailoring some subjects specifically toward ballet. DD 11 is on second year of Latin. SO recommended adding French for obvious reasons, Russian down the line....

What other subjects curriculum outside of these have you enjoyed? We live off grid so online programs aren't really feasible without high speed internet so looking for physical curriculum suggestions. We currently use mostly memoria press.

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We did several ballet related subjects when dd was in high school, all things I created on my own. No actual curriculum. Once she left online schooling, I only used actual purchased curricula for things like math and science. History and English and anything else were on our own. We live in a state with no oversight, so we have a great deal of freedom. Still, I wanted dd prepared for anything, including the most selective colleges, so her education was at a college prep level or higher in all areas. 

We did anatomy and kinesiology using my medical text books and a book used in a friend's physical therapy graduate program. We did not do that until she had already the background with the other sciences except physics which was somewhat concurrent. I think it would have been better to do after physics for the mechanics, but she ended up learning that along with the way. I would consider what she learned from that equivalent to a college level course. 

We did a lot of dance history. It started out of her own interests and grew to be something much bigger and involved. She had a few semesters worth of credit for different areas of dance history, especially ballet, by the time she finished high school. The history came from books, independent research online and communications with dance historians (there were some rarely performed ballets that she studied that there is very little info on). 

That said, some of the best advice I ever heard about raising a child who dances is that to truly be an artist, one must be able to pull from many other things in life. Exposure to a broad array of art, music, literature and theater is vital. All of it can relate back to ballet. Dd's Shakespeare courses gave a different insight into some of the ballets she has performed and seen over the years. So many things can be related back. When she was still in the online school, her teacher was fabulous about creating projects for her that captured her interest. For example, when she read Midsummer's Night Dream, she had an assignment to create her own costumes for the main characters in different scenes, explaining her choices, relating them back to the play. There possibilities are endless.m 

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