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My daughter is 7 and this will be her third year doing competitive dance and her first year doing a solo. She does tap, hip hop, and jazz competitively. She takes additional classes in ballet and contemporary. When we started dance I had no idea what I was getting into so it was a shock to my system. I often feel like I'm the only parent that is always like "are you sure you want to do this? Maybe you should cut back or focus on your favorite dance style, maybe you should try other sports/ activities (which she does when time allows.....for instance she is currently taking regular swim lessons this fall/ winter and this summer she did cheer camp)." However, she likes the other sports/ activities, but never enough to give up dance. Before she started competitive dance I didn't know anyone who was a "dance mom" so I was blindsided to say the

However, I do love watching her dance and you can really tell that she enjoys it and it brings her great joy. Her face just lights up on stage. When we are at home she will ask to go on the computer, but she doesn't use it to play games....she pulls up youtube videos and dances around to them [smile]. We live in VA and I love her studio. It's fairly small and it's like being a part of a big family. They even match up the older girls to mentor a younger girl (it switches every year). They are called bull buddies (the bull is the studio mascot) and they exchange little gifts and notes with each other during the competition season. I think this is especially nice as the older girls really boost the confidence of the younger girls. 

I look forward to participating and asking a lot of questions...[wave]

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Welcome! This is such a great website! I have one DD and she is 14, we live in Ohio.
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