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One of DDs costumes this year was purchased from another dancer that used it a few years ago. The bottom of the skirt had gem stones. The skirt was was too long and that portion had to be cut off. SO wants me to remove gem stones from cut off piece and glue them on to what is now the bottom of the skirt. What is the best way to remove the gem stones from the cut off piece? And what is the best product to use to glue them on to the new bottom of the skirt?

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I use Gem Tac for stones. You can use E6000 but it can be really messy and the smell is very strong so you need good ventilation. Sometimes you can just peel the stones off. I've tried other things like acetone but it can leave a greasy residue on the material. If they are standard stones, I would just buy new ones and glue them on. 

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Usually you can pick the stones off... I would maybe heat them a little with a blow dryer and then do it. 
I use e6000 - well ventilated. 

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Heating with a blowdryer first is excellent advice. I also use a little rubbing alcohol when I need to dissolve glue. I have a custom rhinestoning Etsy shop and also do a lot of costumes and e6000 put into a syringe is my go-to!
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