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Originally Posted by DanceTumbleCheerMom

Joribelle.... there have been fake people here, and one affected me directly because they used a screen name that was extremely similar to mine with inflated versions of my own story, so that people here doubted me, luckily these wonderful ladies realized what was going on and realized I am the real deal, not a faker.  

That said.   I am sorry to hijack a post, but I have to say this.   If you want to be accepted on this board, you have to be able to be open to the criticism and accept that others will have differing views and experiences.    That is the beauty of a group like this.   My daughters have had amazing training in Dance, Gymnastics and Cheerleading, and most of it came from a small studio/gym in podunk middle of nowhere eastern Utah.  Now that we are on the east coast its continuing, but I will not discount where we came from.    You need to get off your high horse and accept that maybe you are not the know all for every topic.  

Rant over.   
. Awe dancetumblecheer mom...all the best dancers come from podunk middle of nowhere eastern Utah!! Just look at dancin with the stars!!!

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Originally Posted by Julzso

My name is Juli and I am mom to Naomi, 9 years old.  We're from Brooklyn, NY and are new to this stage of dancing.  My daughter was a recreational dancer beginning at 3 years old.  About 2 years ago she began voicing an interest in professional dancing as a career and doing so as a child.  I answered all of her questions, but didn't take her seriously until about 9 months ago after her insistence continued and a push from a dance teacher.  Since the top of the year, she has auditioned and been accepted in a pre-professional program, has gone to a few conventions, and has mastered the art of master classes and drop ins [smile].  She's loving her new dance life and is excited to begin training at a higher level and delving into commercial dance at the same time.  This commitment is a lot of work, but also exciting and fun.  I look forward to this journey and having support from a group such as this.


Hey Juli.  Wow.  That's all i got. For this entire thread.  I came here looking for something else, and got sucked into reading beginning to end. Just wow.

I'm a fellow BDC mom with a 16 year-old BDC AIM member, who is also a junior at LaGuardia.  She is surrounded by 8, 9, 10, 11 year-olds who are exactly what you are describing your kid to be.  They start young. The passion is beyond comprehension.  She has BDC friends that are in that age range that have been on  Matilda, Annie, Beauty and the beast, and so many more.  She has tons of friends between 9 - 20, all from BDC  who are represented already by CTG and MSA.  Her best friend who is 14 just got picked up by CTG 2 days ago.  She also knows at least 10 kids under the age of 16 who have been on the Bieber Children's tour, dancing on a stage as huge as Madison Square Garden, who are or have been members of the Knicks and Nets dance troupes, who are or have been Pulse proteges and elite proteges, who are members of Gen-X - which is one of those competition teams WITHOUT a studio, and they're damn goooood, who are members of imabeast, who have filmed for Stefannina, and Eastwood, and Justin Conti, and Carlos Neto, and Scott, and Tricia Miranda, and the list goes on and on.  We are right in the middle of it all, and it's truly awesome to see it all happening for all these kids.  And they are all having a blast.  So yeah, it does exist.  It's not inflated, or lies, or fake.  I hear you girl. 

My daughter also did Ailey for a SI - not really her cup of tea since it is what she does at LaGuardia pretty much.  10 months a year is good enough for her lol.  But yeah, keep bringing your kid to BDC - yes-- to those open classes where 9 and 10 year olds dance with adults.  My daughter has been doing just that since the age of 9 as well at BDC.  And you cannot find a better, more loving and inclusive atmosphere for artists to do what they love, regardless of their age.  BDC welcomes you and your child - all day every day [smile]



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