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I am dance grandma!   My granddaughter is almost 10 in a few weeks.   She is dancing competition dancing.  She has been in comp for at least 4 years.   The first school she was in had great teachers and great choreography.   She left that school, the studio owner was an Abby Lee.   Her first competition with her group, the owner told the girls "you sucked".   Always putting them down, told the heavier girls that she did not want to see their fat stomachs!   Ok, moving on, I found a dance school.  Not nearly as professional, but super nice to the kids.   When my granddaughter started at this new school, I gave the school tips to try to make them better.   They had no technique classes, no acro classes, makeup practically non-existent.   Fast forward, they have these classes and still they have a ways to go.  Looking forward to all your input!
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