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I'm late to this thread as always, but...I had been stalking Hamilton since it first opened off-Broadway, when I was telling everyone I knew about it and they were all like, "What? A hip-hip musical about history? That is going to be weird," DH and I saw the Off-Broadway run at the Public. We had like third row seats, close enough to see Jonathan Groff spit all over the place, lol. It was incredible. Luckily, we saw it the very day before the Broadway run went on sale, before the whole frenzy, so the next morning I logged in the second they went live and got front-row mezz tickets to take DS. They were pricey, but regular Broadway pricey, not second-mortgage pricey! He and I saw it about two weeks after it officially opened. There wasn't even a soundtrack out yet, so we had to try to remember all the songs and wait impatiently for the album to come out!

DH and I saw it with Lin, and DS and I saw it with Javier Munoz, who we also love. I was glad to experience both Hamiltons. DS got pics and signatures from a bunch of the cast. It was awesome. Jon Rua (who's in the ensemble - he plays Lee and was the alternate for Hamilton when Javier was out on medical leave) heard DS say he was a dancer and spent a lot of time giving him advice and inspiration. That was a nice moment.

My best friend and her DH saw it and loved it as well. Her 9yo son has become obsessed with the soundtrack, so last December, they bought him tickets to see it - for June 29, less than two weeks before Lin and other cast members leave on July 9. When she looks at how much the tix are listed for on StubHub - literally thousands per ticket - she is so tempted to sell them! But her son has his heart set on seeing the original cast.
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