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DD joined a pre-professional contemporary company this year.  The dancers in the company come from many different studios and locations.  The age range of the company members is 13-21.  DD is the second youngest.   This was the very first year of the company, and due to many unforseen circumstances, nothing went as planned.   At one point, I was doubting they would even be able to pull together a performance.  Well, they did.  Their very first show was today, and it was amazing.   It was definitely the best non-professional show I have ever seen.   It was very cool and different.   Also, even though there were several different dances, the dancing never stopped.  One dance transitioned directly into the next.   There was a solid 40 minutes of dancing where movement never stopped, then an intermission, and another 40 minutes of dancing.   No one danced the entire time, but dancers flowed on and off the stage in a way that it was difficult to tell where one dance ended and another began.   It was so cool to see dd be a part of something so special!
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