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Thought I'd share this for those of you trying to figure out college options, as we are. I recently got a copy of "Dance" magazine's 615 College & University Dance programs in the US, and I have to say it's really fabulous. Expensive ($33 plus shipping) -- I stumbled upon it when searching online for things like "best dance colleges jazz".

Anyway, the version I got is 2014/2015 -- don't know if it's been updated, but even if a year or two old, still really helpful.

Of the roughly 140 pages, there are about 75 pages (so 150 schools) with half-page (so I assume paid) write-ups. But in the back, they list by state what must be every school in the country, w/address, phone, email & website (plus a handful from Canada, Europe & Asia). It covers everything from community colleges to Ivy Leagues. There's also a 8-page grid of all the schools, listing what they offer (AA, BA, BFA, MFA, PhD etc), dance styles taught + other useful info (size of student body, faculty...). There's also some useful general articles on things to consider when looking.  

We leave it in the bathroom where everyone can study it at leisure ;-) My son's a junior, and a good candidate for a gap year, but there's so much out there!! I'm glad to have this guide and be able to get a leg up on this daunting triage...

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I think I have an even older edition. It doesn't change tremendously from year to year, except for some of the ads and articles. 

You can also look at Ballet Talk for Dancers for some schools. Obviously, the  ballet focused schools will be talked about there, but I've seen mentions of  schools like Ailey-Fordham's BFA program (which does require a strong ballet background but has a more contemporary focus). 


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That guide saved me a fortune! Best money I ever spent. DS wanted a Ballet program, that allowed a BA and a double major. I loved that it told if scholarships were audition or need based. It narrowed down the search so much. 

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It was worth it for us. DD looked through many times. Maybe someone has it and will pass it on. I just gave mine to a friend.
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