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Hi, we are still trying to decide what summer intensives DD16 (17 in summer) will attend this year. She wants to do Camp Protege, if stacey does it again this summer and if she gets in since its audition or invitational only, The Dance Sessions and Gen iv.   We are trying to decide if Gen iv or TDS since both are the same week. Has anyone's dancer attended any of them? I have heard Gen iv is more hip hop and TDS is only contemporary. 

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DD said Camp Protégé is life changing.  I have to ask her if she's going back (I guess Stacey said once invited always invited).  She had two of her friends there and all of them basically said the same thing... it's life changing, but it's beyond words... it's not something they could even try to talk about because it wouldn't do it justice.  So... that's good!  She's got some other SI's she's auditioning for, but I'm sure she'd go back in a heartbeat.

She's never done The Dance Sessions, but she's done Gen IV a couple of times.  She loves it there... it's definitely not more hip hop.  It's everything... hip hop, contemporary, ballet, ball room.  I would not call Gen IV "more" anything accept for more well rounded.  Dancers list their top 2 or 3 favorite dance styles and they get cast in a piece accordingly.  Some dancers are in 2 or 3 numbers, but most are in 1 number (everyone is in at least 1).  Word of advice, if she does do Gen IV, buy the show tickets AS SOON as they go on sale, because the shows ALWAYS sell out. 

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My DD did Dance Sessions when she was 15 and loved so much about it. It was life changing as far as her artistry goes. So much growth happened in such a short amount of time. The environment is like none other, being completely immersed in dance from sun up to sun down. That being said as much as she would love to go back the floors they dance on were way too hard on her body. The portable outdoor studio was not on a flat surface and was in waves by the end and the other dance space was on concrete floors. Obviously many dancers go to this intensive and do fine but she came home injured.
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