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Am I the only one who doesn't like this look? Last time DD had a white costume I used unfoiled ab stones because I thought the costume called for it. Now we've got a completely white costume again so I started looking at pics for ideas on stoning the white lace. Every pic I see just looks like very obvious black or silver dots on a white field. Just doesn't look right to me. I'm thinking I may need to get unfoiled for this costume even though I have over a bulk of Swarovski AB's just sitting here. Am I crazy? Does the look of the foiled stones on all white bother anyone else?

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If you have that many AB I would try to use them. I wonder if it might look better to do a design with the stones? Yes a random scatter can look like dots, but a design would look intentional.

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We typically stone white costumes with Crystal and not Crystal AB. You can always use AB stones for something so I personally would get something different if you are not liking the way the ABs look. 

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Older DD had a gorgeous solo costume white with lace that had TONS of AB stones on it but a good chunk were at the neckline (essentially 3 rows deep) and other "organized" parts like the pointed sleeves... the rest scattered... It was simply stunning on stage= think Nancy Kerrigan's white costume. She had a white group dance last year that had crystal appliques and crystal stones and it looked very good as well. I think she has a small white group dance this year... not sure what the plan is with the stoning as it was a costume change from original. Thankfully she has great coloring for white and doesn't look washed out!

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I love AB stones on white.  DD has had a ton of white costumes with AB stones.  I think they always look stunning.
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