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Many of the winners have Russian teachers.  Listen when you go and you will hear a lot of Russians--they all know each other.  Many danced with the Bolshoi.  They like a classical style with lots of flexibility and turning.

Russian and Polish 


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YAGP could stick to its original intention and primary goal, but has chosen to expand and welcome all comers at the regional competitions.  They allow dancers to compete at multiple regional venues and complete multiple variations and multiple contemporary solos.  Classical ballet is not required of entrants, who may enter only a contemporary solo or participate in a contemporary group.  I'm sure revenue has increased significantly.

As far as politics, my daughter competed one year at the Tampa regional and we've attended several times to support friends competing there.  When Peter Stark was director at the Patel Conservatory, which is located in the building where the competition is held, he was also a judge for the Tampa competition.  Whether he scored his own dancers or not, he was sitting on the panel while his students performed, and his school was named best school at the regional.  As others have noted, the dancer's school is noted on the judging sheet.

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Yes, the MBA folks are Polish but by and large the majority of teachers are Russian. 
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