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If you are not a dancer, how will you know strong technique if you see it?  I certainly didn't know what ballet class should look like when my daughter started, so if you would like to see examples...

I found some nice short videos of Summer Classes by levels at the Pacific Northwest Ballet.  If you google with the key words "PNB summer course level technique" (and select for videos) you can find highlights of their ballet classes from level 4-8.  

Hope this helps some of us.

ETA, please feel free to add your own examples to the thread!

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If your studio offers at least (2) 1 1/2 hour classes of ballet per week and it is taught by a former ballerina (or a graduate of a ballet program like Butler University), dancers are being taught a good foundation in technique. By the time the dancer is in high school, it should be increased to 3 ballet classes/ week.
Also included should be regular stretching- splits, back bends, etc. These should be incorporated in warm-ups every day in class.  Flexibility is essential for achieving proper technique in dance.  
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