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DD18 is in a musical this summer. She just told me that she needs black fishnet tights and black character shoes. She has both in tan. I am hoping I can dye them black. Has anyone out there tried this? What worked for you? TIA

Ps. Sorry if this is a duicate thread. I cant search on my phone

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We have successfully used black acrylic paint from a craft store to turn tan character shoes into black character shoes.  Multiple (4+) thin coats of paint with a sponge brush and a black sharpie for hard to reach edges will do the trick.  The paint will eventually crack (after a week or so of daily wear) and can be touched up.  

Dying tights is difficult because of the synthetic fibers.  The easily available dyes like RIT require high temperatures (which is damaging to elastic) and do not work on synthetic fibers.  Tights are usually all synthetic or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers.  Dye for synthetic fibers are expensive and complicated to use.  I think it is much easier to just buy fishnets in the proper color and probably cheaper in the long run.  Good luck!


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Not worth the effort to dye fishnets! Dark colors are the more difficult and the fabrics may not take anyway, as ggsmith mentioned. There are fabrics where the usual RIT dyes won't take at all.  (I may have PTSD from certain adventures in dyeing certain fabrics.. never had the complete wash out but certainly ended up with odd colors not at all what we were aiming for!)

There are several options for the character shoes- multiple coats of black shoe polish may work as well. 


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They sell shoe spray paint. I've used it many times. Just lightly spray the shoe, let it dry, and repeat until it's the color you want. You can usually get it at dance stores, Amazon, or a local cobbler.

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The shoes I'd paint, the tights you'll spend more money on dye that may not work than just buying new ones.
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